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will be announced on january 13th. >>> now former english premier league campbell has been arrested and questioned by police. he's one of six people held for spot fixes. the 32-year-old campbell plays for blackburn that has played in the premier league and comes a day after sun newspaper former nigeria an fan said he could fix premier league and world cup matches. >>> lee we willing said the arrest of campbell appears at the highest level will concern england's football authorities. >> there were arrests and charges which underlined how often the fixes in that case they target the lower leagues and they're vulnerable. yes involving portsmouth, and now now blackburn ipswich going that was just played and campbell being arrested. it's a huge worry and it will come out, everyone around the game is concerned about this, and of course it is not just england, it's happening everywhere, and it's because of the ability to manipulate an individual. this is not match fixing, that the allegations are around, this is spot fixing, the ability to take part of a game, target that and make some money. that's what
, on january the 13th. former the english footballer, d.j. campbell one of six people regarding spot fixing in british football. 32-year-old currently place for blackmond dover, told an undercover reporter that he could fix premier league and world matches. for over $100,000. >>> lee welling, says the arrest of campbell will concern england's football authorities. >> there were arrests and charges last month at english nonleague level which underlined how often the fix is, from singh and elsewhere. they'll target lower leagues, they're more vulnerable but yes, they are involving portsmouth, who are in league 1 now in league 2, familiar level, that's the league we're talk there. now the championship, just been played with d.j. campbell just being arrested, it is a huge worry, they have all come out, everyone around the game is concerned about this and of course it is not just england, it's happening everywhere and it is because of the ability to manipulate an individual instant. this is not match fixing this is about spot fixing rather like the pakistan cricket scandal at lords in 2010. the
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campbell is one of six people being questioned after an investigation of match fixing in british football was launched, the national crime agency examining allegations from the newspaper and say the former nigeria told an under cover reporter he could fix the world cup matches and also said he had been previously sent off on purpose for over $100,000. >> this is my first time, okay, this is role playing. >> i'm not playing football yet because you have cards. >> i'm sure of that. >> how much did you get for last night's game? >> this is the thing we do and other out there and can we say what it's going to be, can we say it's in the first half? can we say it will be in the. >> last. >> last to the first half is that possible? >> reporter: 1-1 with everton on sunday and went ahead with ten minutes to go and coming up, the back and winning united last week and equalized four minutes later and had the goal and five points clear of liver pool and everton is fifth. and golf and tiger woods blew a four shot lead in a tournament on sunday as zach johnson got the title and a playoff of woods and j
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] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. ♪ >>> enjoying so many of the words of the life and times of nelson mandela. here, we see the greatest glory of living lies, not never falling but in rising every time you fall. and that is from the world of sport. and it helped unite south africa at a critical time for nelson mandela and his people. it was dramatized, in fact, in the 2009 movie, "invictus." and told of when south africa won the world cup and a divided nation came together as one. the year was 1995. and south africa was set to host the rugby world cup, represented by a team made of mostly white players. the polarized social climate still meant that many black south africans cheered against their own team. >> whites learn it in school. and blacks learn to hate it. >> reporter: yet another snapshot of nelson mandela, in the wake of apartheid. when mandela began his presidency, leading a still-broken country, struggling to become whole. a struggle immortalized on the big screen in the film, "invictus." >> this is a time to build our nation. >> reporter: an
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Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13